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Edison High School Class of 1965 - Message Board

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Message Board
08-25-2004 06:36pm
Welcome to our main class message board where you can exchange messages with classmates and start discussions on whatever topics you like.

Re: Welcome
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Richard Franklin
08-26-2005 09:21am
Hi Guys,
Great news looking at the number who've read our site.  Really appreciate what the two ladies have done to keep the 'Find the Missing' message under OUR noses!

Lots of 1965's missing, good people may be older brothers and sisters to later Edison grads.  One of our Missing was located by contacting the later-graduating Eagle who is a younger brother to that '65 Grad.  Ask your younger sibling whether they know of the SURNAME we '65ers want to locate.  

Pursue with untiring love and purpose.

Hey isn't that one of the things missing in the ol' USA . . . communications within the central family unit?  Love them.  Talk to them.  Work in this area is more rewarding, for loved ones can still hug your neck, even after corporate America cuts it!!

Rich Franklin

Re: Welcome
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Sally Schoonover Hicks
12-16-2018 04:38pm
I am Jann Lee Schoonver Schwabe (Blane '65) sister looking for old gang Dickie B, Priler Lee, Miner you know who U R! Rember me? Ice pricess('71) Four Seasons Ice Rink? (Sally Schoonover)

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