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Edison High School Class of 1965 - Message Board

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great reunion!
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Martha Jett
09-07-2005 05:44pm
What a fantastic reunion!  I too have heard perhaps Colorado in the summer...Phoenix in the winter for more reunions.  Sounds good to me!

It was so good to see all of you.  It made me feel so young.  

Post Oak Lodge was a great selection for a site.  Bravo to all!!!!

Re: great reunion!
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Susan Dodd Jacobsen
09-08-2005 11:41am
OMG, and wow!  I'm having a great time at our reunion, post event and vicariously, of course.  Please keep the messages, photos, and emails coming on for those of us who could not attend.

Colorado in summer?  I'm there.  Alaskan cruise? Don't even try to hold me back. Phoenix sounds good.  Tell me more.

Martha, you LOOK young, for Pete's sake!

Re: great reunion!
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Suzanne Lemmon (Black)
09-13-2005 04:49pm
I want to thank you so much for this site for all of us to come together.
I totally enjoyed all the pictures from the reunion and wished I had been
there. I must say David (Williams) Booth has become more handsome over
the years and that Bob Selman still looks the same. Lucky Bob! In fact I was amazed how many folks still look the same, not counting a few white hairs here and there. I sure hope you have more pictures to add.

I think what I love the most about this site is putting me back together with
old friends. That has really added alot to my life.

Hugs to all,

Re: great reunion!
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John Roberts
09-15-2005 10:47pm
I am truly sorry we had to miss the reunion. I am enjoying every picture that is being posted. Please keep them coming. Seeing the guys from the football team brought back some great memories. If there is a 45th reunion we will definitely be there.

Re: great reunion!
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Do Waldo Copeland
09-17-2005 11:29pm
I've heard people say they would never go to a high school reunion.  They just don't know what they are missing.  I had a great time, and I can't thank the committee enough for their hard working in brining it all together.  (And my old pal, Blye Bowen Surginer, who provided a top-notch bed & breakfast!)  I think Kathy Price and I started right where we left off.  And all of us have vowed to keep in touch.  I wanted to call the photo 'Three Old Broads,' but out of respect for the moderator, I just put the names on it.  Ha!  

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