Edison High School Class of 1965
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Edison High School Class of 1965 - In Memory of
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Forever young.......in memory of our classmates who have passed away. Let us not dwell on the circumstances of their passing but celebrate how they touched our lives.

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Emily Elizabeth Rose Renberg: 8/19/1947 - 11/27/2012 - Emily died of an apparent heart attack (this picture of Emily is from our Sophomore yearbook).
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2026

Linda Ann Moore Crews: 1/17/47 - 7/5/12
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2147

Larry Lee Zankel: 9/2/1947 - 8/1/2011: Larry died Monday, 8/1/2011 after many years fighting cancer
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2271

Nancy Elizabeth Thomas Sayer: 8/5/1947 - 7/19/2011
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2406

Deidre Rose Svatba Ellis: 8/30/1947 - 6/20/2011
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2318

Joseph Blain Meredith: 3/1/1947 - 5/18/2011: Joe died following complications from cancer
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2194

Jane Ann Dickey Johnson: 9/14/1947 - 1/4/2011: Jane died suddenly of an apparent heart attack while at work on Tuesday, January 4, 2011.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2207

Rawley 'Judd' Dent II: Judd died Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010 at the Mercy Hospital in Independence, Kansas. According to a classmate, Judd died of flu-related pneumonia
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2179

Donna Sue Weathers Strong - we were told in September 2010 that Sue has passed away. We don't know when or have any other information.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2167

Judith Anne Adair: The following notice stating that Judy died July 20, 2010, was in the Tulsa World, Sunday, July 25, 2010: Adair, Judith Anne, 63, Adair Typewriter Co. owner, died Tuesday.  ...
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2191

Robert Michael (Mike) Stout passed away in August 2009. According to Mike's son, Mike passed away last August suddenly; his heart gave out while in Australia.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2144

Marilyn Jean Manton Thompson: 4/30/1947 - 5/26/2010: Marilyn passed away Weds., May 26, 2010 at her home in Ada, OK from a rare neurological disease.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2213

Cheryl Kay Bennett Geren passed away in June 2009 Cheryl had lost her husband in April prior to her death and had several strokes after that and became ill and died.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2227

John Paul Danchertsen: 5/18/1946 - 10/8/2009: John passed away after a courageous battle with liver cancer
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2411

Diane Leslie Neibling Long: Diane passed away August 3, 2009 from liver failure
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2390

Darryl Ancil Sartwell, Sr.: 4/10/1947 - 5/12/2008
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2639

James Massey Johnson: 12/31/1946- 01/09/2009: James died Friday, January 9, 2009 after suffering a major stroke following two heart surgeries. James lived in Katy, TX with his wife, Carolyn.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2566

Nanette Leigh Coffin Reding: Nanette passed away in Tulsa on Wednesday, July 2, 2008
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2858

Ruthanne Ratcliffe Pickett: Ruthanne died in Tulsa of a heart attack 4/2/2008
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2805

Susan Lara Kendall Zachary: Susie passed away 6/12/2007 in Dallas, Texas
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2871

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