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Diane Luker Clark - 08-25-2005
I have intended to contact some of you in advance to say hello, but haven't yet. Soooooo  HELLO, if I don't get around to individual greetings I apologize. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and I hope everyone will be wearing their name tag!!!!
David Booth (formerly Williams) - 08-22-2005
Edison still figures prominently in my career. If Jamey and Archie had not been so eloquent and unique, I would never have formed Eloqui,  a presentation and communication training company based in Los Angeles. With clients, I use stories of Eagles wrestling tournaments, Jamey in the 'James Dean' red nylon jacket, and dating Dee Dee Knapp. Our high school fostered great memories, and was a colorful place to hail from. Business and distance may preclude my attendance at the 40th, but I will raise a glass and toast you all for some of the best years of my life.
Linda Weldy Norman - 08-18-2005
Your web site is great, as everyone has said.  I'm living in Florida now and plan on coming to the reunion.  I can't wait to see everybody - it's been soooo long!
Jeanette (Bush) Havel - 08-06-2005
What a wonderful site you have created! It has been great catching up with everyone by reading their bio's. Are we spread out all over the world or what? Thanks so much for letting each and everyone of us enjoy learning about our old friends. The reunion will be great fun and i can't wait.
Bruce O'Connor - 08-06-2005
Getting together with past classmates to plan this thing has been a blast.  I look at each one of them and am just glad that I haven't aged a bit....even though John Thompson said he would have never recognized me, had I not introduced myself.  I know those that attend will leave with wonderful memories and feeling really glad they were there.
Tara Copeland - 08-02-2005
Donna Waldo is my mom and she showed me this site.  I have read every inch of it and I love it.  I was going to update her bio for her, but she wants to do it herself!  Have fun at the reunion!!!
Linda Black Noey - 06-22-2005
Great website; I loved all the feature, photos, comments.  I live in Hawaii, in the country, so coming to Tulsa is quite a journey.  I am seriously thinking about it, but...   The event sounds like alot of fun, and if we don't make it, I am looking forward to the photos.  Thank you all.
John Teel - 05-16-2005
Kurt Mueller and I meet for lunch often in downtown Atlanta.  
My wife, Renee, and I had a complete blast at the last reunion and we look forward to returning to Tulsa and seeing everyone from the 25th reunion and even more this time over the Labor Day weekend.  Our thanks to everyone who works hard to put this together.  GO EAGLES!!!
J Johnston - 05-16-2005
Well, doesn't look like anybody survived the Bush years...too bad...hoping for some old-time riverbottom times...go toward the surface...
Gayle Rippy Campbell - 04-04-2005
Congratulations to the committee on this great web site, the facilities they've chosen and the plans that are underway.  Now, if you live in Tulsa, come to the next meeting and get involved!  There's something for everyone to do, and we need to really pitch in and help the stalwarts who have gotten the ball rolling.  Plus, it's just plain fun to see everyone.  I guess I have the distinction of being the only member of our class to currently work at Edison, and I'm looking forward to showing you around on our reunion Saturday.  
Murray Richey - 04-01-2005
Looking through the wed site has brought back a flood of happy memories as well as a few wishes for 'do-overs.'  Edison is a part of who I am.  I am looking forward to the class reunion.
John Gibson - 04-01-2005
What a great job you have done with this site. It makes me proud of our class and all of you guys. You should be commended for doing all of this and the future work I know you will be doing to make the reunion a success.
Judy and I are living in Plano, Texas but mentally we will always be in Tulsa.
I miss everyone and I can't wait to see you.
Lee Perry (Boomer) - 03-28-2005
Good looking site.  Hope everyone gets located.  Hubby's military commitments prevented us from attending the last class reunion.  What happen to the planned 2000 reunion?  I did received an invitation from Memorial's Class of '65.  Thought that was really nice of our rival.
Lance Gilbert - 03-18-2005
Hello to one and all:

Great site.  Enjoyed looking at the old pics, brought back alot of memories.  Don't know at this time if I can make it back for the festivities.  If not, I will be there in spirit.

Susan Dodd Jacobsen - 02-01-2005
Well, hello everyone,

My husband and I enjoyed the website.  Probably I more than he, as it is far superior to that of the measely, inferior, low rent, shack of a high school that he attended- Memorial.  This rivalry has been going on for 34 years, so I don't feel that I'm in much danger as y.......

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